Brand strategy

A brand builds up partly by answering consumers’ needs, partly by changing their perception. It is a process that cannot take place in one day. That is why we believe there are just 3 key words to building a successful brand: long term vision.

Brand identity

This is the present and future core of the brand itself: each colour, font or message will always have to revolve around the BI. It has to be convincing and convey the right emotion to your target. Just like the eyes of a stranger when he first shakes your hand.

Corporate identity

Who are you? Many will form an opinion out of your CI. That is why when we create one, it has to: 1. express (the ethos of your organization); 2 convince (that you are trustworthy); 3. endure (this will be the longer lasting piece of communication your company will ever produce).

Packaging design

The packaging is the only media that always talks to the consumer on the moment of purchase. In a few seconds your brand will have to communicate the right message with the right personality if it is to conquer a place in consumers’ hearts — and houses. Since 35 years this is our main strength.


It might be taken for granted, but a name is the first point of touch between a brand and its potential customers. Finding the right one is paramount to start well the long journey of building a brand. And when matched to the right logo, a name will sound even more legitimate. That is why we create them together. That blend of words and colours can open up a world of connections in consumers’ minds.

Shape design

As well as attractive, a packaging must be pleasant to the touch, protective, practical to use and ergonomic. Our task is to ensure every line in our digital project comes to life to make the product handy to grab, easy to serve, efficient to close and perfectly fitting when put back on its own shelf.

3D Packaging design

Observe, rotate, examine. A 3D rendering allows our clients to live the packaging the way their consumers will, and to approve it with no uncertainties. Some of our designers have specialized, becoming some sort of digital Michelangelo (now we are maybe overdoing it, but they are incredibly skilled).

Production & Execution

Our proof prints, as well as mock-ups, hold a promise: they are perfectly calibrated in order to make the final outcome identical to what the client sees and approves. When needed, we offer an additional service by sending our print experts to the printing facilities. This way, that juicy-but-not-mellow-yet tangerine-orange will look just right whether it is printed on paper, glass, wood or plastics.

Limited Edition

The marketing strategies often require to communicate in a variety of ways. Sometimes even the packaging has to give a different message. Our ability is to design limited edition packaging while respecting the brand values. When properly designed, a LE pack can became nothing less than a collectible item.

Key visual

We got used to it: right after a project is finished our clients proudly want to show it to the world. To help them, we provide key visuals as digital shots (if the pack is already under production) or as an accurate digital rendering, in order to advertise it as soon as possible.

Below the line

Folders, catalogues and leaflets, point of sale materials and b2b. Once a brand is created, we follow it in every implementation needed. Just beware of the consequences: the more consistent the communication, the faster the brand personality will build up.

Digital design

Communication would not be complete without Digital Design. Thanks to Digital Break we offer many services to manage — and not just passively undergo — the transformations that are changing the business. We’ll mention just a few: Digital Strategy, Web Mobile Design, E-commerce, Digital Social & Media Marketing.

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