SKIT Culinary Cream

Skit is a Russian company that produces mayonnese, ready sauces, and ketch-up. The brand enjoys high levels of recognition all over the Russian Federation and is the market leader in the the Moscow region.
The agency was required to design the packagings for the launch of 3 new products to be sold in brick packs: whipping cream, cream, and a hot chocolate compound. The pack had to convey that these products were easy to use.
The most important element on each pack is a serving suggestion photo showing a cake, some hot chocolate or a soup: this makes clear at first sight what the product is intended for.
At the same time, in order to give a homy atmosphere and communicating the ease of use of the products, some kitchen tools and raw ingredients have also been pictured. The rear of the pack has been filled with detailed cooking instructions.
A stamp with the colours of the Italian flag witnesses how the industrial preparation of the products follows the recipes and techniques of the Italian tradition.



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