Для внучат



The Russian jam market presents a high number of players. Despite Abrico is one of the most well-established brands, it has recently suffered from a decrease in sales: its packaging has been unchanged for 7 years and is unable to respond to the latest market trends.


Abrico’s core values revolve around family and tradition (Dlya Vnuchat — For Grand-children). It is necessary to stress those values in a way relevant to the contemporary market: tradition involves natural and quality ingredients along with environment friendly practices. However, despite a home-made feel, the consumer should still feel reassured about the strict quality control that a great firm can guarantee.

Креативное решение

Some classic elements have been put together in a fresh way to give simple and essential looks. The screw-cap uses the traditional red/blue and white colours, whilst the transparent jar boldly shows the product, stressing out its quality. Thanks to specially made realistic illustrations, the fruits play a prominent role in emphasizing that just natural ingredients are used. The clean and essential overall effect greatly differentiates the product from its competitors and make it stand out on the Russian market.

Для внучат




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