Bonta Pronte

Riso Gallo


Riso Gallo is an historic brand and the Italian market leader in the rice category. The company decided to launch a new line of ready-to-eat products that would be able to meet the requirements and the trends of modern consumers diet: quick yet tasty, natural and healthy. The new line includes both ready-to-eat rice dishes and rice dishes that need to be flavoured by the user.


It is necessary to develop a system that is able to convey both the creativity of each recipe and the endless possibilities that open up to the consumer in flavouring his rice. It is also necessary to convey a natural and healthy feel.

Креативное решение

The new system communicates the main information on strips of torn paper, conveying a sense of simplicity and craftsmanship (among these, steam cooking is highlighted as an element of reassurance).
Much space has been left to the main image: each time a different dish is displayed on a different, natural background and each background links directly to the origin of the recipe.
The finish of the pack is matt, in order to enhance the natural look and feel of the whole.

Bonta Pronte




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