Camoscio d’Oro

Soparind Bongrain


Camoscio d’Oro  is a brand of Bongrain Italy, a branch of Soparind Bongrain, the world’s first producer of diary products.


After many years, there is a need for a refreshment of the well-established logo to make it more modern and legible.
It is also required to create a  packaging system to make “Camoscio d’Oro” an umbrella brand, suitable to lend itself to new products and extensions.

Креативное решение

The orange shade that was dominating the central part of the logo was compromising its legibility and therefore it was reduced and moved behind the chamois. Here the formerly dark hills became green to achieve a more natural look.
The packaging system includes all the distinctive key elements plus an horizontal banner to bear the name of the new product.

Camoscio d’Oro




Brand Identity
Packaging Design

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