Chıllı gel & Chıllı pocket

Manetti & Roberts


Chilly is a brand of the Italian-British Company Manetti & Roberts, and is one of the major players on the Italian market of intimate washes.
The distinctive elements of its brand are very essential and enjoy a high level of recognition.


The objective was to create new graphic guidelines in order to improve the packaging legibility, while maintaining a strong continuity with the brand’s well established visual identity.
The new graphic guidelines were also to be adapted to a new line of pocket wipes.


The elements of communication have been cleaned up and also the institutional codes have been slightly adjusted. Thanks to small but numerous retouches, brand recognition is still immediate, while the whole is more faithful to values ​​such as simplicity and cleanliness, key elements of the brand itself.

Chıllı gel & Chıllı pocket


Health & Beauty


Packaging Design

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