Sweet & Pure



Cloetta is a leader in the confectionery markets of Northen Europe and Italy. The brand creates a new line of low-calorie candies aimed at the North American market. These include Juicy Jellies – sold in bags and rich in fruit juice – and Fresh Drops – sold in cases, mixing fruit and refreshing flavours. The product differentiates for its strong taste, for the presence of natural ingredients and for being sweetened with Stevia.


The agency was required to create a packaging system aligned to the communication codes of the US market – i.e. stressing out taste while displaying low calories as a secondary benefit.
Each pack also had to convey the presence of natural ingredients while being very visible on shelves since other forms of promotion or advertising would not support the launch.


The system uses a wide red strip to guarantee visibility. The Juicy Jelly line uses a different colour for each flavor to give further impact on shelves. A central window shows the product while the fruit splash reiterates the proposition in the product’s name: tasty and natural ingredients.
The Fresh Drops line is always blue to stress out its freshness. Both lines emphasize taste while introducing the low calorie count as a secondary benefit.

Sweet & Pure




Brand Identity
Packaging Design


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