Yashkino is the most important brand of KDV, a group that has been operating on the Russian market for 25 years. 65 products are marketed under the brand today, making for a vast choice that meets the needs of both a young and a mature target. The range, however, was expanded over many years which lead to a fragmented and inconsistent brand image. Also, the overall appetizing appeal of the products needs to be improved.


The brand needs a more consistent image and a stronger, modern personality.
A new brand system will have to rationalize the wide offering while defining the three main categories of products (daily products, bakery and chocolate).
Every single implementation will need to enhance the appetizing appeal as well.


The logo was made more modern and recognizable thanks to a new shape, a smaller decorative element and a new font type. The new tagline Easy to love, illustrates the company philosophy: creating products that can be easily be loved by its customers thanks to a high value for money ratio (achieved through a cost-efficient production process, without giving up on quality ingredients).
The 3 main lines are defined with colour variations: a bright red logo and a yellow packaging background add dynamism to daily products, whereas a darker red logo and a white background give elegance to the bakery line (meant for special moments and prepared with gourmet ingredients). Finally, the chocolate line stands out for its beige background and its dynamic visuals.





Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Packaging Design


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