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It was the end of the 70’s when everything started off. The Pink Floyd were about to publish The Wall and the Walkman made its debut on the market.
Winds of change were blowing also in the world of communication agencies. Lucia and Livio Garavaglia, among the first in Italy, opened an agency entirely dedicated to branding and packaging.

It was a small revolution. Before then, those services where offered by traditional advertising services only.


For Lucia and Livio, the 80s were years of growth. Thanks to their specialization and to that combination of determination and creativity that told their two characters, the first big clients arrived, such as Barilla, Buitoni and Pavesi. The works that followed made the history of Italian branding.

For a dive into
the wonderful 80s,

see them HERE.


We started the 90s by singing at the top of our voice in Karaoke bars, we lived them by playing on Game Boys and Playstations, and we ended them puffing, staring at computers that would take forever to boot.

Break's work was beginning to receive
recognition from countries around the world,
including the UK.

The legendary

Mobile phones are here: every bag and pocket starts ringing. In Break a generation change is being prepared, from Lucia and Livio to their children Paola and Giorgio.

Creativity corporate values were not only learned, they were assimilated and embraced over time, with a long experience on the field.

It is in this increasingly connected and informed world that Paola and Giorgio finally take over the reins of the company. Together with their team, they soon achieve remarkable results as the contemporary and up-to-date taste of the new work leads to major projects, new clients and the entry into new markets, from Russia to the Middle and Far East.

The challenge, successfully addressed,
was to bring the values of family management into
a global and competitive context.