Cavit is one of the largest wineries in Italy. Its history, which began in 1950, has led it to be the main point of reference for wine production in the region of Trentino: today it is a Cooperative of 11 social wine cellars and 5250 wine growers.

The cooperative entrusted Break to refresh its corporate identity. The task was a delicate one: making a historical, well-known brand contemporary, while keeping its heritage intact.

We based the restyling on a simple idea: as achieving modernity would have implied the lightening of graphic elements, we’d reinforce both the personality and elegance of the brand to leave the perception of its importance unscathed.

Hence the crest of the logo, a 'C' enclosing the Trentino trident, lost its superstructure and gained in legibility and importance (less Is truly more!).

The trident itself got simplified: it lost its decorations and received a modern feel. In addition to conveying the importance of the brand, the addition of the words 'cantina' (winery) and 'viticoltori' (winegrowers), reinforces the connection to its territory, which is always essential for a winegrowing cooperative,

The graphic solutions created a new balance between importance and freshness, personality and modernity, allowing the logo to be much more readable on every touch point, form digital ones to sponsorships where, due to the nature of the communication, it would often be depicted on a small scale.