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t must have happened to you too: things to do arrive all at once, as if scheduled on an invisible agenda. The phone rings, deadlines overlap, work requests cross, while the computer does not want to boot and our boyfriend would not answer our messages.

In moments like this only one thing can save us: chocolate. We resort to that bar we had in our bag and unwrap it but… a last worry stops us. How about our diet? Luckily it’s Choczero! Reassured by the label, we finally put the world on pause and focus just on it.


Choczero is the Keto chocolate (low carbohydrate) created by Choczero, Inc., a young and dynamic American company.
This positioning is underlined by a brand image rich in floral elements, representing not only the naturalness of the ingredients, but also a small joy, a comfort for its female target.
Before marketing the product nationwide in the US, it was necessary to make the packaging more impactful, with a clear and organized brand architecture, without affecting the already acquired identity.
The logo was inserted in a well delimited, but not closed, brand block, in line with the accessible and friendly tone of the brand. The main claims where also moved inside the block (keto friendly, lack of added sugars).

To make the legibility of the packaging easier through several references, the content is now being shown with a clear centrally positioned visual and is also hinted by colors as well as a descriptor (white, milk, dark chocolate).
The identity of the brand has been enhanced and personalized thanks to flowers drawn at the stroke, creating an even more feminine, elegant and contemporary Look & Feel.