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Bimmidisì” is a brand of the Italian company “Linea Verde”. The brand covers a huge series of food products, with a strong focus point: the extreme freshness. The ready-to-eat salad segment is of huge importance and some of the core values of the brand, such as accuracy in selection and freshness, can really make a difference.


Representing the specific identity of Dimmidisì salads keeping a clear image, in coherence with the corporate brand architecture. Creating also the following: a special pack aimed at the Russian market; a line aimed at children and a special edition pack to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.


A format was created, keeping the logo in a central position and the traditional white/colour division of the pack. The line for children make an exception to this – the white area around the brand was turned to pink – and so does the special pack for Italy’s anniversary where the “150 years” take a central position.