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Penny Market is a discount supermarket chain based in Germany and operating in several European countries. Its first Italian store was opened in 1994. Its offering include several private labels, and the meat section include some brands intended for daily consumption. The Company is now going to launch a new line of premium meats to be consumed on special occasions.


The agency was required to create a new brand (including a name and a claim) in order for the new line to convey premiumness and differentiate from the existing meat offering. The new pack will also have to communicate the superior quality and the certified food chain at a glance.


The quality endorsement plays a central role thanks to the naming and the claim (indicating full traceability and quality control). In the same way, the CSQA logo (a certification of traceability) is conveniently positioned. The high quality is conveyed also to the aid of graphics: the main colour is black, used both for the circular logo and for the tray itself, allowing the new brand to differentiate immediately from other meat lines.

A simple pictogram and a colour scheme help the consumer individuate the right type of meat. Wherever possible, a flag has been placed along with the claim 100% Italian meat.