Tn a mass market for appliances, the Gaggenau Brand is for the few. Sense of belonging is key: Gaggenau means a higher Status. All activities have been aimed at increasing the perception of exclusivity.


Given the assumptions, all the communication has to express difference and exclusivity with regard to the reference market.


All the materials have been developed by emphasizing the beauty of each object and the pleasure of owning it. Elegant images were used, mainly in black and white. Some materials have been developed exclusively for clients (such as the “Collaudo Gastronomico” folder, where a Chef would test the newly bought kitchen for a day, along with an exclusive line of gastronomic products). Leaflets for sales force have been developed accordingly. A design book, in collaboration with Zagato, has also been created to push forward the idea that Gaggenau is more about cult objects than simple appliances.