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When a brand needs a new image, it takes a full scope action.

The brand is Katrina, a pastry brand with several shops in Dubai where you can enjoy and order a variety of sweets and cakes, including customized ones. After a few years in business, the brand is ready to open more stores with a whole new momentum.

The full-scope action is the one taken by Break, with a new visual identity, corporate identity, communication and retail design.

The key points:

Brand identity and personality - The logo was developed after a woman's name, Katrina, while keeping the existing color code. Finding the right balance helped to stay away from an exceedingly feminine look & feel and give the brand a universal, modern and accessible identity.

Retail design - the concepts for the stores are completely original and were created together with a dedicated team of architects, consistently with the brand's new values.

Point-of-sale communication - for each touch point in the stores, we chose an accessible, simple and friendly tone of voice to make consumers feel at home while enjoying delicious coffees and cakes.