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Frosta is one of the main players in the frozen food market in Europe. It has always been focused on natural and sustainable production, and today is launching Ecobag, the first packaging for frozen foods that can be recycled as paper. It’s composed of a mix of materials, helping to reduce the use of disposable plastics. Ecobag debuts on the Italian market with La Valle Degli Orti, the reference brand for minestrone and frozen vegetables.


The objective was to create a visual identity to promote the sustainability and uniqueness of the new recyclable packaging while further emphasizing the naturalness and palatability of the La Valle degli Orti range.


The graphic layout is intentionally simple and on a natural paper background, similar to that used by greengrocers to wrap fresh vegetables. This device lets us perceive the main material the packaging is made of, and, at the same time, the naturalness of the product inside. The latter is further attested by the claim "the 100% natural choice", placed near the brand La Valle degli Orti, on a green band - which is also the predominant color in communications throughout the packaging. The recyclability is claimed by a specific box.

The visual shows the products in a rich and natural fashion, in bowls with a modern yet genuine style.