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What is the weight of the packaging in product’s sales? It is difficult to answer precisely, but it is certainly a huge weight. Let’s consider what happened to Ficosota, a fast-growing company that sells its products on six continents.

The brand is Livity, a line of brown rice snacks aimed at a health-conscious target.

These are actually the crunchiest snacks in the category, so they are as healthy as tasty and appealing. But even if they are excellent and trendy products, sales disappoint expectations: the packaging does not communicate effectively.

At this point, the company turns to Break to redesign it.

The product needed to be identifiable at first glance, so the first step was to enlarge the sales name until it took center stage. The second step was to convey the appetite appeal of the snacks with hyper-realistic and enticing illustrations. Finally, we spoke to the rational side of the consumer mind by clearly highlighting the different functional benefits.

Simplicity, palatability and benefits, combined with codes that are beyond those of the Health Food category, made the snack line more commercial and able to engage a broader target audience.

In light of early market data, the equation is straightforward: same product, new packaging and skyrocketing sales.