Mompé is a leading Italian biopharmaceutical company. In recent years (and without advertising), its analgesic product Oki has seen a considerable increase in its market share. This was due both to an innovative and fast acting formula and to the sale limitations that the market leader had to undergo in the same time span (some side effects had been brought to evidence). Since then, Oki was suggested and prescribed until it became, in turn, the market leader in strong pain analgesics. Despite a strong competition, the company decided to capitalize on the success of Oki and stretch into the segment of light pain analgesics by launching Okitask, an OTC to be sold without prescription.


The stretch required to capitalize on the core values of the main brand (fast action) and the company mission (innovation), making Oki the expert of pain (both strong and light). It was also necessary to communicate the ease of use of the product (orodispersible granules), a feature consumers do not always understand at first glance.


The visual identity capitalizes on the colours and the graphic devices of the mother brand Oki. Some small lines have been inserted next to the name to add dynamism and suggest the quick action of the product in accordance with the brand identity. Since orodispersibility is still new to many consumers, it has been communicated with simple words (without water) using a green strip, a reassuring colour that triggers positive emotions.