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Counded in 1970, Zerbinati operates in the fruit and vegetable market. Through product innovation (it was among the first to sell ready-to-eat packed vegetables) the company has earned itself the reputation of being a vegetable specialist. Today Zerbinati offers a wide range of ready-to-eat vegetable soups, a rapidly growing market. To meet the most recent consumer trends, the company has chosen to launch a line of organic vegetable soups.


The new organic soups are both healthy and tasty: the new packaging will have to convey both qualities while proving wrong the clichés that associate natural and healthy foods to a sad lack of taste.


A playful mood was chosen to convey the happiness and fun of eating. This was achieved through a delicate graphic style, using handmade illustrations and handwritten-like fonts all over the packaging. The pastel, light green background has a wooden texture to it, giving the feel of natural and healthy food.
On the side of the pack is a brief description of the company and its values, to vehicle them to the new target group of organic products consumers.