Tutogrill S.p.A is one of the world leaders in travel catering. The company - well known for its restaurants along the freeway - is creating a new concept dedicated to smaller and proximity service stations, and turned to Break for designing a new brand and a new name.


The small point of sale (Oil Shop Cafè) offer a basic service that has its selling point in the convenience of a quick stop to refuel and refresh.


The name chosen for the new concept is Ago! Short and simple like the stop it is meant to describe, it combines the initial "A" of Autogrill with "go", giving a sense of dynamism, reinforced by the exclamation point.

The same dynamic feel is expressed by the brand, which capitalizes on the Autogrill logo and combines it with "go" through a graphic sign that is leaning forward, fluid and energetic. Exactly like a traveler ready to leave after a smart stop. “go”