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Cchool, homework, tests… When you were a little kid, every small problem seemed big. Fortunately, so did small joys: even one single sweet treat could bring a real blast of happiness. Wait a minute... did we say one treat? Okay, maybe two. Or even three or four... and on and on until our mum would come stopping us, worried for all that we were shoveling down.

Babyfox, the new brand from KDV, is intended to be just that: a joy for kids that reassures moms (and dads) about the nutritional qualities of its products.

The brand includes nutritional bars, chocolate, vitamin candies and in the future will include more products in other categories. It is therefore a multi-category, multi-target brand: in addition to parents, it should appeal to children of different ages.

The first need was to create a brand system that would be clear and recognizable even across products sold in different segments and shelves. Hence the division into three areas: the logo at the top, a colored band at the bottom - differencing the flavors - and a central band, where most of the information is located. Here, on the left, a friendly character plays with the product, relating to children and creating an immediate emotional bond. On the right hand side is the communication aimed at parents, with the product descriptor, its nutritional characteristics and pluses (such as the presence of vitamins or fruit juice). Everything is presented in a very clear and informative way on a white background - the color of simplicity and reassurance.

The design positions Babyfox as a tasty product that also provides the right nutrients for growth. Simply said: eat foxy, grow foxy!