Cembra Cantina di Montagna

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Extreme, heroic, essential.

Since 1952, Cembra Cantina di Montagna has always been the highest located winery in Trentino.

The cardinal and angular design of its wines portrays the story of the extreme viticulture of this particular valley and the heroic daily dedication of its Cembrani associates.

The immediacy of the sign, the minimalism of the typography, the neutrality of the colours; all of these elements speak an uncompromising language. 

Few ingredients that define a strong, harsh character, like the land that generated these five wines: the Cembra Valley, set in the most important porphyry rock basin in Europe.

Called the “red gold” of the valley dwellers, it gives these wines savorness, minerality and extraordinary persistence. A triumph of tastes and aromas that reveals the characteristics of this hidden world that has been able to preserve the essence of its tradition, enclosing it in wines beholding a unique personality.


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