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ABrands belong to consumers: that’s what we believe at BREAK, and that’s why we have created a spectacular UGC (User Generated Content) on pack initiative for Bauli. With the special online activation "Christmas as you please”, the Bauli icon for Christmas - the Pandoro of Verona - is dressed up in several creative designs chosen by its fans. At the beginning of the year, Bauli invited Pandoro-lovers to choose among 100+ combinations of graphic themes, illustrations, decorations and colors created by BREAK, and available through the online "Pandoro configurator".

Amongst over 15,000 creations received, 15 were selected, one for each creative path proposed, which will light up the Italian stores by promoting the spirit of Christmas "as you please". Be yourself at Christmas, thanks to a brand that allows you to express your idea of celebration, without imposing any pre-established codes.

Three are the creative themes developed for this Pandoro UGC:

  • B for Christmaswith the unmistakable initial of the Bauli logo dyed in different colors, standing out on the packaging front like a true icon of X-mas eve;
  • How's your Christmas like?,with representations of the different ways of experiencing the holiday season: with family, with friends, on vacation;
  • Christmas stories,modern fairy tales for children of all ages, to be read until Santa’s sleigh comes…

These narrative themes required the conception and creation of extraordinarily complex stories and illustrations, so as they could be mixed together: the online configurator in fact allowed consumers to choose the intro, the heart and the ending of each fairytale, selecting the backgrouond, the protagonists and the “grand finale” (classic or "surprise"). An amazing project, only made possible by our professional copywriters and designers.

A true celebration of consumer creativity, in which Bauli has granted full access to its main hero-product (and the design agency its own skills): an activation that brings the brand symbol of Christmas closer to its fans, to celebrate with them Bauli's 100th anniversary. The impact on the point of sale is powerful: the Pandoro underpins its uniqueness through different interpretations - only a packaging with such an iconic shape, with such an unmistakable key brand color, could afford such an array of eclectic contents. A refreshing breath of novelty, joy and imagination that brings to life the communication concept: "There is a Christmas for each one of us".

…and then there is also a singular Christmas, made even more unique by its spectacular finishing: the 16th option, from the “B come Natale” series, is decorated in gold foil, which illuminates the Bauli monogram with precious reflections, for a premium packaging available in a limited edition in only a few selected points of sale throughout the country - truly a special gift.

il natale come vuoi tu