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Wour iconic italian spirits signed by Coop, leveraging on the social ritual of the aperitivo, born in the roaring Twenties.

A range of 4 spirits, all of them starring the aperitivo time in Italy: red bitter, orange bitter, red and white "Vermouth di Torino”.

Such spirits are usually conceived and designed as lifestyle brands: how to make them relevant, when signed by a private label?

As Coop is known in Italy as a socially-committed company, we've leveraged on the "democratization" of the aperitivo ritual, enlarging the "right to toast" to a wider number of consumers, thanks to the "Aperitivo Sociale" range. 4 characters, 4 social types meeting and greeting at 6pm since the 1920's, when most of the iconic italian bitters were crafted in Milan and Turin.

Thus the Cosmopolitan, the Sophist, the Nonchalant, the Swanky were born: tiles of a unique puzzle gilded in gold as "real" spirits, linked by a déco-style featuring geometric shapes, frames and decorations, and differentiated by refined colors and animal heads - like crests! - sourced by the hometown of each specialty liquor. A snake for Milan, a bull for Turin, a lion for Venice.

The accuracy of the execution and the multi-faceted semiotics of the message are intriguing enough not to miss the endorsement of a brand.... while appreciating a lower price!