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Aounded in 1905, Fabbri operates in four main markets: consumer, ingredients for pastries and gelato, and Its products are being sold in more than 110 countries. On the consumer market the image of the company is strongly connected to its most iconic products: fruit syrups and amarena cherries, sold in the unique, renowned pottery decorated in Faenza, Italy.
Fabbri intends to make its debut in the plant milk segment with two flavours aimed at the Mass Retail Channel: Almond and Coconut Milk. The products differentiate themselves for a pleasant taste and the attention paid to the needs of the target group (people who are avoiding some foods out of intolerance, religious or ideological reasons), combined with the addition of specific minerals and vitamins.


The agency was required to create a packaging system for the new line.
It was necessary to stress out the naturality of the products and legitimate the presence of the brand in the new segment, addressing the communication to the heterogeneous target group.


The presence of the brand has been made strong and assertive, both to legitimate its appearance on a “new” shelf and to take advantage of the expertise of the company in the fruit beverage segment (including almond and coconut syrups). To this purpose we used the renowned decoration from Faenza, the one that has decorated the brand’s most iconic packaging for almost a century (the amarena cherries pot). Breakfast elements are clearly illustrated to communicate at a glance what the new product is. Naturality is conveyed by the unrefined fonts used to describe the flavours and by the natural wood grains in the picture background.
The Vegan, Kosher and Hala Logos have been positioned on the rear of the pack, together with the logo of the Angelica Herbal Institute, with whom the company cooperated to formulate the product recipes.