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Fiesta, the historical snack by Ferrero turns 50. The Italian brand launches a promotion in cooperation with MTV and Sony to celebrate the event. The high budget promo gives away 10 tunes with every pack of snacks. The tunes can be chosen from a catalogue that includes hundreds of the best songs of the last 50 years. Some of them have been remixed for the occasion by the pop band Planet Funk. The promotion is an opportunity to restate the positioning of Fiesta (the taste that turns the rhythm on), following a long period of time where no innovation was brought to the product.


The agency was required to create a visual identity for the promotion, while communicating the positioning and getting a target of young adults involved.


In order to give the logo a greater impact, some parts of it remind of an explosion. The image of a party with young people raising hands to the sky has been designed to get the target involved. The positioning claim has been reworded for the occasion into “50 years of taste and rhythm”.