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he Fila brand was founded in 1911 and its history is part of the history of sports. For the past 5 years, the communication of its brands in the toiletries and perfumery area has been entrusted to Break.

It is a collaboration that involves a multitude of products: from body care products (such as shower gels and deodorants) to the different perfume lines that differ in tone of communication and target audience.

Equally wide is the scope of communication that the agency deals with: alongside the launch of the different products is the constant updating of them, the creation of special packs (from Christmas box sets to anniversary and limited editions), up to all those communication needs that arise, from promotions to panels for trade fairs, to point-of-sale outfittings.

Over the course of this enduring, 360-degree collaboration, Break has revitalized the brand by bringing its most iconic identifying elements into perfumery, from the fields of fashion and sports. It has done so while adjusting its communication to target the different audiences of each product: one example is the F-power line, inspired by the world of sports with a striped motif reminiscent of a classic tennis attire. Another example is the Fashion Line, with fluorescent and contemporary colors, aimed instead at a very young, fashionable audience. While different, both lines manage to perfectly capitalize on the historical value of the brand and its iconic logo.