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The story of Liberty Orchards, is an American story.

In 1920, in the Washington State, two Armenian immigrants began making sweets created with apples and nuts from their own orchard, according to the traditions of their own country.

Today Liberty Orchards is a brand deeply rooted in the US, highly recognizable and with loyal customers. The challenge facing the agency was precisely to breathe new life into the brand without affecting its recognizability, through a restyling. Making the image fresher and more current meant lightening, reorganizing and rationalizing, giving the right weight to all elements, eliminating some to enhance others - the key ones.

In short, more quality and less quantity. A strong and delineated packaging system was created, with a central block where the brand takes on more relevance and the iconic landscape, for years the background of the visual, has become an integral part of the brand itself. All information is more streamlined, readable and clear; the visuals themselves are meticulously illustrated, in a hyper-realist style, to make the product appetizing and enticing.

The new layout is framed by bright colors that give a touch of modernity to the composition, making the pack lively and impactful on the shelf. This design has a very strong shelf impact, modern, delicious, ICONIC but at the same time with an organized and balanced layout that allows the consumer to easily navigate both within the line and between the various lines of the brand.