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The challenge for Break is to translate the iconicity and tradition of Bauli into a completely different visual and communicative context, adapting to the new ‘gelato' shelf that usually is characterized by a more contemporary and lively aesthetic.

3 barattolini di gelato bauli gusto pandoro, albicocca e panettone

The design focuses on key elements such as media color, food appeal, and the modern and dynamic elements, while still maintaining a visual connection with the foundational values of the Bauli brand.

It's important that the packaging and visual communication convey a sense of continuity and authenticity, while also being able to attract the attention of consumers accustomed to different visual codes.

Furthermore, the range of gelato is not limited to Bauli's seasonal icons but also extends to the world of breakfast at home, introducing Croissant flavor as part of the offering. This further enhances the brand experience and allows consumers to enjoy Bauli products in new and innovative ways.

Ultimately, Bauli's brand stretching in the gelato category represents an interesting challenge that requires a balance between the identity of the main brand and the expectations of the new market segment.

tre barattolini di gelato bauli gusto albicocca, pandoro e panettone posizionati su un piedistallo