Keglevich Limited edition

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M arket leader in Italy, Keglevich is one of the most ancient vodka brands in the world.

Yet a brand that has always been rebel, dynamic and constantly evolving. In the wake of recent consumer trends that see nightlife partly moving inside homes, Keglevich is launching a limited-edition pack with the aim to turn the product into the perfect gift to bring to a dinner or a house party.

The creative solution is as simple as bold. The brand’s iconic eagle spans three sides of the pack forming one large image on shelves, as multiple packs are displayed side by side. The institutional blue is used for the eagle, while the background color directly references the flavor of the vodka.

The background texture conveys freshness as it mimics the condensation forming on a glass served with ice-cold vodka. After all, if it's Kool... it's Keglevich!