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Whiringuito: a splash in the tropical sea, under your bathroom shower

What about a watermelon-smelling shampoo, or a pomegranate scrub with notes of lemon-lime and red berries? Chiringuito by Coop is a range of hair&skin-food toiletries based on tropical/summer fruits and veggies, for teens and young-hearted people - an uplifting, revitalizing cocktail of fruits and vegetables that will nourish your skin and hair while taking your mind on an exotic trip to the Caribbean Sea.

Bright colors, creative illustrations of dancing fruits and flowers, like a Brazilian samba: the "mango yellow" bottles and jars, in contrast with the black and dynamic logo, are the most joyful stage for the Chiringuito dance. Not only for girls, but for those who like to indulge to cool novelties, delicious scents and playful changes, even in their daily routine.

Enjoy responsibly... even though they're alcohol-free! (P.S. isn't Chiringuito a lovely brand name, saying all at once? :)