Nutella Christmas Edition

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Putella enters in the occasion market, choosing the most important of all time: Christmas. Christmas is a moment of great success on the point of sale, where each brand tries to touch consumers through messages of the occasion. Every moment is more tasteful with Nutella, that is perfectly suitable for the Christmas time: Christmas never tasted this good.


Entering as a leader on the market in a chaotic moment, sustaining the brand positioning and at the same time involving emotionally consumers in the brand. le linee guida della comunicazione natalizia di Nutella su scala internazionale, individuando un messaggio di allegria e positività attinente e gli elementi visivi per convogliarlo.


), The project is developed on the master product of Nutella, the iconic jar, with the objective to combine brand values together with the most classical icon of the holidays. The style is unique, personal and distinctive, with a strong shelf impact, differentiating the jar on a crowded competitive scenario. The creative study has a global soul, such as the brand, with different illustrations according to the geographical needs of the markets. From Australia to Americas, through Europe, the direction of BREAK DESIGN guarantees to Nutella a strategic overview coherent all over the world. Every single character is studied and illustrated ad hoc, handmade, thanks to the ability of the illustrator team.