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Bhe history of Zucchi dates back to 1810. The Company is a leader in the production of seed oil. It sells its products to the main players of the agribusiness, to large retailers (oil to be re-branded under Private Labels) and directly under its own brand. This was a successful strategy, however the brand identity suffered from an high level of diversification. In 2014 Zucchi decided to enter the Italian and international olive oil market.


It was essential to define a brand strategy and create a strong identity to challenge the new markets.


Break identified 6 different product positionings and tested them to the aid of a research institute in the markets involved (USA, Brasil, China, India, Russia and Italy). The new logo has been designed around the most successful concepts tested (the long history of the company and the ability of the brand to bring back fond memories of the Italian lands through its flavors). The decorative element is a sketchy olive bush which stems from the 1810 figure, the date of foundation. The tree symbolizes the Italian land, its perfumes and flavors. The two “C” in the family name are linked to symbolize the bonds between fathers and sons, a key element that played a fundamental role in the long history of the Company.