Santa Rosa Sorbetti

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Tresent on the market since 1968, Santa Rosa enjoys the highest brand awareness on the Italian jam market. Valsoia acquired the brand in 2011, planning to extend it in several market segments.


It was necessary to launch the brand on the fruit sorbet market, relying on the values that Santa Rosa acquired throughout the years in the jam segment (using natural products, being the fruit specialist).


Since the brand launched for the first time on the sorbet market, it was essential to make it immediately recognizable inside freezers, where consumers would not expect to see it. Therefore, the typical blue and white brand colours have been used. The capacity of Santa Rosa to be identified as the fruit specialist has been stressed in order to link the core values of the brand to what is relevant to the new market. Therefore the fruits play a fundamental role in the new packaging and, at first glance, giving a very high appetizing appeal, so essential in the world of sorbet products.