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Many products tell their own story, yet communicate the strength of one single-minded brand.

From now on, you will not regard the supplements from PromoPharma just as good products, but as solutions presented by a company with a great experience in the field. In fact, for 25 years PromoPharma has helped improve the health and well-being of people by combining science and nature.

This is the outcome of a new design by Break: the new system revolves around the brand and creates a consistent approach to the product portfolio, abandoning the former multi-brand approach.

Many graphic elements have been treated or simplified to be able to live under the umbrella of PromoPharma.

Within this framework, product families were created and given great importance: products that meet similar needs now communicate together with strength and synergy on the shelf, helping the retailer in displaying them and the consumer in navigating a wide and diverse offer.


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