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Wow many clothes did wear today? You got up in your nightgown, put on your robe, you chose your coat before going out and spent the day at the office in a suit. Done? Nope. Next came the gym bodysuit, the house dress, and the evening dress. Yet in the midst of all these transformations, you were still you.


That's just what brands try to do every now and then. This time ChocZero did it, succeeding in conveying its personality in 5 new product lines that are as different from each other as pajamas and evening dresses.

First things first, ChocZero is an American brand with a young, dynamic, friendly, personality. It targets a female audience with Keto (low carbohydrate) confectionery products that are as healthy as delicious. Its identity was defined by the Keto Bark chocolate, the first product developed.

How to make it come through, or rather reinforce it, by stretching the brand into new product categories (Jam, Dessert Topping, Peanut Butter, Spread)?

The keywords are flexibility and recognizability.

Rather than keeping certain elements of the brand unchanged, they have been adapted to the needs of the new lines, while keeping their essence intact.

Thus, the background illustrations have been re-proposed, yet adjusted to the less premium and more playful tone of the new categories; the bands that house the taste descriptor are curved and cheerful, while a hand-drawn lettering describes the line name, an ideal link and family-feel between products of very different categories.