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Awedish Match Industries is a multinational company with a high level of expertise in matches. It is one of the leaders in match production, exporting them all around the world in over 100 countries, since the late 1870’s.

Recently, the Italian brand has seen a decrease, as a consequence of the introduction of the category product into GDO channels and the increasing competition among PL and low prices.


Swedish Match Industries aims to refresh and renovate the “Le Tre Stelle” boxes on the Italian market, and improve the brand by winning the competition versus existing private labels, to re-establish its leadership in the market, and conquer consumer engagement.


The design objectives are those which aim to create a brand image:

- Modern, through the revitalisation of the design in order to be more appealing for the consumer and recognisable, keeping the iconic elements that represent it

- Premium, creating a design which conveys the premiumness of its product and defends its higher price compared to PL

- Qualitative, to convey the quality that distinguishes the product


The modernisation starts from the logo it self. Keeping the iconic stars, as the original ones, the logo is reviewed in all its elements. First of all, it becomes bigger with a stronger presence on the box, thanks to the round shape. Secondly, the characterisation of a flame girl, that clearly recalls the product it self. And last, but not least, the inclusion of the country of origin, guaranteeing the high level of quality of the product.

The second point of revitalisation is represented by the totally new and modern style of the illustrations, which help recognise and identify the different sizes and formats of the product box.

The enhanced premiumness is rendered by the usage of the dark blue framework, which at the same time, helps to keep consistency with the original brand, and create a strong and modern contrast with the bright and colourful illustrations.