La Rivoluzione del Prodotto a Marchio

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1n intrepid agency for a courageous client: Coop is launching 5,000 new brand new products in 2 years and is revolutionizing the very concept of "private label". With this unprecedented project in Italy and in Europe both in volume and in value, the rebranding signed by Break changes the rules of the game: cast aside monotonous packaging systems that flatten the offer and penalize the uniqueness of the products – Coop makes way for the free expression of each individual product, to enhance and put forward each of the 5,000 new proposals with a different, impactful, memorable visual identity.

The positioning of Coop as just a commercial flagship is changing, tilting and becoming more and more "branded". The Coop logo evolves, moving away from superfluous and unnecessary add-ons to proudly rediscover its uniqueness and boldness. Coop's flagship role changes with respect to the product lines (ViviVerde, BeneSì, basic products...), which are establishing themselves on the shelves as brands living on their own. The classic role of “packaging” is thus changed, heralding the new message of a revolutionary corporate strategy.

It starts with breakfast, with over 500 products (of which 45% are new) across 16 categories. Between April and May 2022, 121 yogurts, 57 coffees, 33 fruit preserves are released... one product at a time, ranging from trendy innovations to revisited classics, Break re-defines the Coop product experience with the desire to strongly diversify its offer, gratifying members and non-members with a large assortment of products highly distinctive one from another.

Discounters have conquered 20% ​​of the shelf space, the on-going promotional pressure never ceases to increase, mainstream and power brands have lost half their sales in 15 years: in this ultra-competitive scenario, the repositioning of the Coop flagship brand as a new point of reference for consumers starts with the redefining of each single branded product. After the breakfast category it will be the turn of the aperitifs-drinks, CSD and other drinks, condiments, pasta… until the entire shelf profile is completely redesigned.

A revolution with a revitalized signature imagined and conceived by Break design, renewing multiple strategic and tangible touchpoints of Coop’s brand strategy.