Atrep is an Italian brand born in the 70s that revolutionized the hair removal market by introducing the first ready-to-use strips. In 2009 the Strep brand is purchased by Sodalis Group which initiates a new process that includes a fresh graphic design and a new approach with regards to sales.

In 2020, research on the brand reveal some underlying weaknesses:

  • Poor brand visibility on a shelf space dominated by the market leaders
  • A dull brand personality
  • A great product range with huge potential but not supported by a consistent shelf image or brand system

The main goal of the project was to create a new visual Identity visual identityfresh and contemporary while also being able to magnify the products of the line, clarifying the offer with powerful and differentiating "reasons to believe".


The logo takes on lighter features and is freed from some rigidities, to underline the pleasure of shaving while ensuring visibility that is consistent with the brand’s attributes. The introduction of the capital S gives the name greater incisiveness and authority. The blue color is kept so as to anchor with the past.


The packaging system becomes more integrated, favoring the traceability of information.

The images relating to the fragrances, brand pluses, are magnified and together with the various soft colors contribute to the differentiation between product lines.

The packs are chromatically less dense: on the one hand to facilitate the logo visibility, on the other to communicate with greater clarity and cleanliness: Strep helps eliminate a problem and you feel clean and perfumy.