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Appetite appeal and on shelf stand-out: these are the milestones of the new packaging by Break for Fratelli Tempestini – a new range of ethnic dips for today’s modern distribution.

A family-run business and historical Tuscan company, Fratelli Tempestini is now stretching its ready-meals offer to include fusion recipes and exotic inspirations, such as some typical sauces from Greece, Maghreb and Latin America: Tzatziki, Hummus and Guacamole.

Designed for a young and curious target, our new packaging is meant for an impulse purchase: how can you resist the vibrant color combos, the fresh ingredient pictures or the intriguing folk patterns? Clarity and focus: that’s how we at BREAK add value to product innovation through an excellent packaging design.

Light blue and Greek frames with cucumber slices for the well-known Mediterranean dressing made from yoghurt; bright green and greenery with half-cut avocado for the most versatile among the Mexican sauces; amber tones and Moorish subjects with select chickpeas for the creamy spread called Hummus. Each sauce stands for its own culinary culture; all of them stand for a great know-how and quality standard, signed by Fratelli Tempestini – check them out at once!