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Wlegacy of one hundred and sixty years highlights how much the iconic brand Sasso is a centerpiece of italian olive oil producers and their traditions.

A true popular icon, whose design is refreshed respecting all the fine elements of its DNA,conveyed into a contemporary language.

The heart of Sasso’s new image is the restyling of its brand. A synthetic yet clean approach that increases the visual impact of its quintessential emblem by preserving all its constituent elements: the unmistakable five letters of the logo, the white backdrop that embraces the red seal with the historical Goddess Minerva, finally the year in which everything began.

The famous and unique tin can takes on a brighter and lighter green color that recalls the organoleptic characteristics of Olio Sasso. The white stripes of the new frame are also made thinner, also another key element of the brand identity, which now integrates the title of "Historic Brand of National Interest", an emblematic confirmation of the “healthy” values granted specifically to this oil producer founded in Oneglia in 1860.