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WHEERS is a leading entry level beer in the Thai market. Launched by TAP (Heineken licensee in Thailand) 10 years ago, the brand is synonym of “made in Thailand” combining local ingredients with the best of Dutch brewing expertise.


BREAK was asked to modernise this everyday affordable beer.

Thailand is the country of thousand smiles, it defines its people. It seemed only natural to bring forward this idea of THAI happiness and blend it with the pleasure of drinking a beer with friends, a social moment.


The classic codes of beer packaging were removed : take away the oval shaped beer shield, the useless repetitive LAGER texts, outdated malt and hops illustrations.

To deliver PREMIUMNESS while not touching the CHEERS historic logo and Heineken star, strong rays of light were added in the background to make the CHEERS logo shine while also create movement and perspective.

Furthermore, the semi-circle that divides the front of pack in 2 introduces the idea of SMILE.

BREAK modernised the variants by introducing a vintage taste named THE ORIGINAL versus a stronger XTRA taste, adding gold and silver tones that create an elegant sense of status and makes the overall design look very BOLD.

Have a beer, share and spread the happiness, CHEERS!